Strong Values. Meaningful Culture.

About Us

Seamless Migration is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) started in 2021 with the purpose of enabling businesses and organizations through automation. Our goal is to help organizations discover, implement, and maintain solutions which evolve and mature with their ever-changing business needs. We believe in applying agile methodologies in all aspects of our business practices and use these methods to ensure effective results for our clients.

Our Values

Automate Where Possible

Our goal is to automate everything we can, so our customers can focus on what matters. Through automation we strive to foster and encourage innovation across our team.

Strive To Always Do Better

Don’t settle for just good enough, matter of fact don’t settle for just anything, always strive to do better.

Be nimble

We encourage our team to remain open-minded, flexible, and nimble in their endeavors. Through this we empower a true agile delivery practice and are able to pivot quickly to meet our customer’s needs. 

Honesty over pride

Honesty is a must for us, and to be honest is to be humble. Sometimes we ask ourselves to swallow our pride and admit to our wrong doings. Through honesty we can all learn together and grow as one.

Assume noble intent

We emphasize trust and giving people the benefit of the doubt. This way, we can encourage our teams to reinforce positive thinking and create safe workspaces for others to innovate and express themselves freely.